What if We Are Like Trees?

What if we are like trees?
by CS Sherin
June 25th 2014




Rooted. Our attention and focus,
underground…set on what is solid, on what allows
for our presence in the first place,
while our legs reach impossibly higher,
branching out and blooming, blossoming – profusely, abundantly fruitful?

What if we are like trees, so much so, that our limbs and where they
grow become like dreams that live and breathe
their own life as well as supporting life for others?
So many others; and so different from us?
What if we are like trees?
And some other beings come and sit with us in peace and protect us?
While others plant us too deep, cut all our best and wildest branches and spray our ground with poisons
so only certain “acceptable/desirable” plant cousins grow around us?
And yet other beings plant us only to harvest us, while others see our ancient spread of collective tree-ness
and decimate our presence from memory for the sake of something they make from
the fiber of being, a currency they use,
in order to buy and own that which is not for sale
with that which they never asked for, yet took without measure,
something of us and this life that can never really be owned, nor price set?
What if we are like trees?
And when did you
last look at a tree closely,
like a squirrel might?
or a bird?
When did you last listen for their voices?
And when did you last sit beneath one
and feel the wisdom and energy there, with your heart, body and spirit?
And when did you see or hear or look at how they are
used, taken and disappeared? And what do you do about it?
What if we are like trees?
And what if trees have voices, dreams and full rights of citizenship in this multi-verse?
What then?

CS Sherin 2014© All rights reserved.
















Mandala Journal, Feb. 13th, 2014

Enjoy the full moon this Friday on love day. Hope yours is full of love in a way that is most pleasing and good for you. Actually, I hope each and every day is that, and as much as possible! The first mandala was definitely an ode to St. Valentine’s day. No way around it, even though I am fond of hearts in my mandalas in general. This is one is an epiphany of that. I am very thankful for the love in my life. And for the loving relationships in my life as well!



Mandala Journal, Feb. 6th, 2014

What I have come to realize is that each time I sit down to draw a mandala, I am choosing to express, peer into and nurture my entire psyche. It a simple act that affirms my life…in the midst of chaos, tumult, confusion, peace, bliss, joy – in the midst of living in this current age – it is an act of mediation, meditation, conflict resolution, prayer, art, relaxation, play, rebellion and even enlightenment. In the face of the question, “Who am I, right now?”, my mandala answers, “This, and this, and this…and it is constantly changing.” The reality of the power I have, in free will and choice is further revealed as a miracle of co-creation with “what is”.

-C.S. Sherin


Magic of Life

This New Year is happening at the same time as the New Moon is happening. That means double on the new beginning. I found myself struck with a happy thought of gratitude this morning, as I began thinking about what I wanted to accomplish today before the New Year begins. I thought to myself, “I love my magical life.” The mantra below grew from there.


I shared this mantra meme this morning at my other blog for my holistic integrative services: IntegrativeCreativeHealing.worpdress.com

If you enjoy this type of mantra/positive affirmation meme  then be sure to subscribe to that site, where they will be shared regularly. Then you will receive them via email. I realize that life is an important mixture of being responsible, realistic and responsive; along with the consciousness that our thoughts, feelings and actions co-create our reality. Therefore, the mantra meme thing is something I love creating in order to uphold good vibes, thoughts, feelings. Also it utilizes my images and my words, which is another fun way to be artistic and express it.

What are you doing for the New Year to make way for the magic of your life?

Love Kitty & Orbs

Before you look at this week’s photos, I have some news for you!

My art is now available for sale online. You can follow this link to browse/shop:


On that site you can browse my galleries and then click on an image you like in order to purchase a print, framed or canvassed, greeting cards or iphone covers. If there is an image from this blog that you would like to see there, let me know.

And, a fun and loving new project to check out too, called

“Holy Manna Mana Mantras”.

It is a brand new blog that has original mantras for wellness, transformation and healing, dedicated to the benefit of all beings, all life – posted twice a week. Here is a link: HolyMannaManaMantras.wordpress.com

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Now, Kitty Love & Orbs:




Photo Bomb

At the marsh trail today. This was a once in a flash of a second shot. I thought I was getting a photo of the bee on the milkweed flowers with two funky bugs. When I uploaded it onto my computer I found that a smiling wasp (looks like a smile to me) had photo bombed it. Nice! Saw a lot of bees at the marsh today enjoying all the natural wild blooms, by the way.

July 20 2013

July 20 2013